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Positano, with its pastel-colored houses clinging to the rock, is a dream overlooking the sea.

This destination, famous for its enchanting beaches and scenic trails, is a paradise for sea and art lovers.

The dishes of Positano celebrate the flavors of the Mediterranean.

The "pesce all'acqua pazza," a delicious preparation of fresh fish, is a local specialty.

And you can't leave Positano without trying the "delizia al limone," a dessert that captures the essence of the sun and the sea.

Must-visit restaurants include La Sponda, with refined dishes and a breathtaking view, and Chez Black, famous for its lively atmosphere and exquisite dishes.

"Positano enters your heart" – this local saying reflects the effect the city has on its visitors. Discover the art and culture of Positano, from local art galleries to fashion boutiques.

Boat Experience

A boat trip with Gialau Yacht along the coast of Positano is a magical experience. Visit iconic places like Fornillo Beach and Laurito Bay. Our boat tours allow you to customize your journey and discover hidden corners of this paradise.