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  • Year


  • Larghezza


  • Pescaggio

    1,10 mt

  • Pers. max


  • Crew

    1 fino 6 Pax / 2 per 8 Pax

  • Length


Itama 38 - The Icon of Italian Design at Sea

Elegance and Power: A masterpiece of Italian design, the Itama 38 is the perfect symbol of elegance and high-level nautical performance. Its flowing lines and distinctive blue-white color embody timeless sophistication. The pronounced V-shaped hull ensures smooth and powerful navigation, ideal for tackling any type of sea with grace and safety.

Speed and Agility: With its two 450 HP Caterpillar engines, our Itama 38 BLUI, renovated in 2022, reaches a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 32 knots. These features allow you to explore the most popular destinations quickly, while ensuring an elegant and comfortable journey.

External: Synonymous with Comfort and Relaxation

Oasis of Pleasure: The exterior of the yacht was designed to maximize comfort. Equipped with soft cushions at the stern, a sun awning and a welcoming relaxation corner complete with chairs, table and mini bar, the Itama 38 offers the perfect setting to enjoy the sun and the sea in total relaxation.

Interior: An Embrace of Luxury and Functionality

Refinement and Comfort: The interiors of the Itama 38 express an original and sophisticated design. The kitchen is well equipped, with sink and optimized spaces. The transformable dinette provides additional space for rest, while the owner's cabin is a true refuge of luxury and comfort, ideal for relaxing after a day at sea.

Itama 38: Not Just a Boat, but an Experience

Synonymous with Style and Adventure: Sailing on the Itama 38 is an experience that goes beyond simple navigation. It is a journey through elegance, style, and marine adventure, encapsulated in a floating work of art bearing the signature of Italian design. With the Itama 38, every trip at sea becomes an unforgettable memory.


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