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  • Crew


  • Larghezza

    3,36 mt

  • Length

    11 mt

  • Pers. max


  • Pescaggio


The Aprea Mare 35 represents an icon in the nautical world, an emblem of uncompromising style, performance and comfort. 35 feet long, this vessel is the result of a skilful combination between the elegance of the Italian maritime tradition and the most advanced technologies in the field of shipbuilding. Every detail has been taken care of to ensure a superior sailing experience, making it the ideal option for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and reliability at sea.

The exterior design of the Aprea Mare 35 stands out for its clean and timeless lines, which evoke the classicism of traditional boats, while offering a modern and captivating silhouette. The vast cockpit, elegant and functional, is equipped with comfortable seating and spaces optimized for relaxation and outdoor entertainment, including a large aft sundeck that invites you to enjoy the sun in total comfort.

Inside, the Aprea Mare 35 surprises with its brightness and spaciousness. The interiors, finished with the highest quality materials, such as precious woods and sophisticated fabrics, offer a welcoming and refined environment. The main cabin is designed to maximize space and comfort, with a sleeping area that can accommodate up to 4 people, thanks to comfortable and spacious beds. The kitchen, fully equipped with the latest generation appliances, allows you to prepare gourmet meals even at sea, while the bathroom, equipped with shower, toilet and sink, is a model of efficiency and style.

On a technical level, the Aprea Mare 35 is no exception. Equipped with powerful and reliable engines, it offers excellent performance, ensuring smooth and safe navigation, with a cruising speed that allows you to quickly reach your desired destinations. Maneuverability is intuitive and precise, thanks to cutting-edge navigation systems that ensure comfortable and safe driving in any weather condition.

Rental of the Aprea Mare 35 is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy a unique experience at sea, be it a romantic day trip along the coast, an exploratory holiday among enchanted islands or an exclusive party on the water. This vessel promises not only to transport its guests from one place to another, but to transform every trip into a memorable adventure, full of luxury, comfort and timeless elegance.


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